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Influencer Marketing has now grown up as the most important tool of marketing globally and there are many surveys / reports stating this fact, in the last three years search of the term – “INFLUENCER MARKETING” has seen a massive growth of more than 1500 %. Instagram usage has increased ten times since 2015, with its 1 billion active users uploading 95 million photos and videos and 400 million stories in a single day. There are hundreds of reasons, why brands or marketing agencies have considered influencer marketing as an integral part of their marketing campaign. Influencer marketing agencies in India and across the globe help brands and advertising agencies, to shortlist, plan and execute marketing campaigns using influencers. Majority of influencer campaigns are built around awareness and opinion building rather than focusing on direct sales. Before planning for any campaign using influencers or KOL (Key Opinion Leaders), the first step is to define the goals or objectives of the campaign. The objectives of KOL / Influencer Campaigns can be majorly categorized into three major heads – first is awareness or opinion building, second is increasing sales using influencer’s influence and third, but a very important objective is to create a library of user-generated / influencer generated content for social media.

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